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Debug Reference Counting Info ( for advanced beta testers )

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:26 am
by jorge
This is for advanced Beta testers explaining the Reference Counting side panel which gives very useful information when troubleshooting bugs. This panel will only be available in testing versions distributed through TestFlight.

When you click the warning icon on the bottom right:


It should open a side panel showing REF COUNTS:


Here you see the number of instances of each object inside VisualSwift:


If you close the schematic and open it again, the list should be the same, if the numbers increase then there is a memory leak problem. The main instance to pay attention to is the VisRoot, there should always be only 1, if there are more, there's a memory leak.

Having instances still running that should have been stopped/cleaned-up can be the cause of many issues like sound stuttering/glitches etc. If the reference counting for VisRoot stays equal to 1, there is a good chance that everything will run smoothly as it should.

Fixing memory leaks tends to be easy if reported with an example schematic on how to recreate it.