MacOS VisualSwift0.5.9

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MacOS VisualSwift0.5.9

Post by jorge » Tue Jul 21, 2020 12:13 pm

I'm in the process of updating the MacOS version of VisualSwift. It isn't fully done mainly the low level DSP components as they need converting ARM Neon SIMD instructions to Intel SSE, the main issue is that on Intel SIMD instructions need to be aligned in memory every 16 bytes and if they're not, the app crashes. The following is the only schematic that has been tested:


The schematic just generates a sine wave. The Sine component should align instructions in memory as required by Intel and shouldn't crash ( can't wait until I can code for Apple Silicon only ) . The other DSP components ( Moog filter, ADSR, Mult, Add, Delay etc... ) are not yet converted to support Intel and will most probably crash on MacOS running Intel. This is a first step, converting the other DSP components after making sure this step works fine should be a small task.

Following is the link to the MacOS version of VisualSwift, it has been Notarized by Apple but not Reviewed. Notarization should give you the confidence that the binary originates from me.


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