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Post by jorge » Sun Jul 26, 2020 11:13 pm

The iPadOS version wasn't showing the component previews properly on iPad Air 2 and 2nd generation iPad Pro.

The following changes are for the MacOS version:

The Bundled side panel wasn't showing bundled modules and the Custom side panel wasn't allowing modules to be dragged into it.

Here's an example after dragging a filter module into the schematic:


Before dragging a custom module into the "Drop Here" area of the custom side panel, make sure you give it a name. In the example below the name of "My_RGB_Module" was entered before dragging it from the duplicate top right corner of the component into the "Drop Here" square.

You can access the rename action from the bottom left corner of the component.


Following are the links for both iPadOS and MacOS versions:



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