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v0.5.24 Code Generation of Factory Presets

Posted: Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:49 am
by jorge
This version introduces code generation of Factory Presets

TestFlight v0.5.27 for iPadOS

Here's a a very simple example using the new Presets component


Below is a screenshot taken from the example schematic:

The example schematic is ready to be exported, the generated Xcode project should build without errors and includes code for supporting Factory Presets.

There are some important changes to this version of the example schematic. There are now two Oscillators. OSC 1 allows detuning.

There is a PitchToFreq component that is now supported by the code generator:


The PitchToFreq component will allow us to modulate the Oscillator using pitch which will be much more natural. For now there is a Detune Knob adding a small amount of pitch between 0 and 1 to OSC 1.

Note that because the Poly audio now converts the Poly Float values from pitch to frequency, now we can feed it a pitch value as shown below ( rather than the frequency used in previous versions ):


You can Show/Hide labels from the context menu at the bottom left of any component:


The main feature of this beta version 0.5.24 is Factory Presets code generation. The code panel has a new tab called "Presets":

The ParamsCreate tab now has extra code to set parameters from Factory Presets:

If you generate an Xcode project from the example synth, build it and install it on an iPad, it should run inside a host with Factory Presets available: