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v0.5.26 New Float Selector. Button now works as View.

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2020 12:06 am
by jorge
Version 0.5.26 fixes a bug reported by numbuh37 ( thanks ): The Button component wasn't working when used as View content.
There is also a new Float Selector component.

TestFlight v0.5.27 for iPadOS

Button should now work when used as View content

The button component now requires defining it's content.
The following screenshot shows an example of using a Button component where the content is defined as a ZStack with black background and white text on top. The modifiers used are cornerRadius and padding:

New Float Selector component

The Float Selector component allows you to create a custom list of items with a name and a corresponding float value. The following example shows a Float Selector setup for controlling the octave of an oscillator using pitch values -24,-12, 0, +12 and +24 that get added to the PitchToFrequency component: