VisualSwift an iPadOS tool for creating apps quickly without requiring coding. After creating an App visually, swift code can be generated and exported to be included in an Xcode project and built.

The screenshot below shows a simple example of how a VStack, a HStack and a ZStack can be implemented using Visual Programming and to the right the Swift code generated by VisualSwift:

VisualSwift is currently an iPadOS app but is useful for creating iOS/iPadOS and MacOS app. It is not available in the App Store yet but a test version is available through TestFlight for anyone interested in being involved from the very beginning, you’ll find the link to it in the forum at:

VisualSwift is also useful for learning SwiftUI due to the Visual, Hierarchical nature of Visual Programming and the immediate results when tweaking padding, font sizes etc.

For further information please go to the forum at and post any questions that you might have.

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