State of Development

VisualSwift started as a tool for generating SwiftUI code mainly for creating iOS apps or at least prototypes using Visual Programming.

Recently it evolved to be a tool for creating and hosting AUv3 plugins.

So what can you do with VisualSwift?

  1. You can quickly try audio synthesis ideas, for example, the following schematic shows a very simple instrument consisting of an Oscillator and an ADSR. Note the different colours and connector types: red for Midi, white for Poly Audio, blue for Mono Audio, green for timestamped events and yellow for GUI elements:
Simple schematic for testing the Poly ADSR audio component.

2) With one button click you can generate an Xcode Project. You can then build the project and install the built AUv3 extension on an iPad. You can also use the generated project as a starting template for your own code.

SwiftUI code generated by VisualSwift ready to be exported as part of an Xcode project. There are also other generated code tabs for declaring variables, low level DSP code, Factory Presets, plugging parameters to the GUI etc…

Each beta has a corresponding version history post in the Testing Forum: with links for MacOS and iPadOS and an example schematic.